Battery Extender Service
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Service Description

Battery Extender Service:

The Xtender Battery Regenerator restores and prolongs the lifespan of all sizes and types of lead-acid batteries including flooded, gel, AGM, and valve regulated (VRLA) types.

These batteries are commonly used on electric vehicles in the material handling market, golf carts, telecommunication and battery back-up (UPS) markets.

Batteries lose capacity and efficiency due to sulfation, which is the accumulation of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals. Sulfation is increased due to lack of proper maintenance, incorrect charging and inactivity.

The Xtender successfully desulfates and restores batteries by softening and dissolving the extremely hard crystals during a six stage process. These stages include discharging and electrical high-frequency pulsation phases.

36 Volt $200

48 Volt $225

72 Volt $250